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Product Portfolio
These pages gives a detailed description of our product portfolio, which the Products page only briefly lists

Please choose a product below, which you would want a description for:

  • Bouncer Shell #1/Bouncer Account
  • Ordinary Bouncer Shell
  • Eggdrop Shell
  • Energymech Shell
  • Clan Shell
  • Hosted mIRC Client

  • Bouncer Shell #1/Bouncer Account
    The Bouncer Shell #1 product is a bit misleading in its product name, as it's actually not a shell, but merely a bouncer account - a single bouncer user.
    This is the product you would want, if all you need is a simple bouncer, also known as a bnc, to sit online 24/7 logging messages when you are not connected to it. You wont get access to anything but a web account, in our so called Bouncer Admin system where you can administrate your account(s) and of course a bouncer as a normal user. It is simple to setup, requires no extra ordinary knowledge to other operating systems like Linux or FreeBSD, like our other bouncer products require.
    This product is our most sold product, being the most simple to setup and use, cheapest on any payment period plan, but with an exceptionally cheap yearly price compared to any of our other products.
    This product also gives access to ALL of our public vhosts with the ability to pick from the freely by jumping from server to server (if required) on your own demand through our webinterface.
    This product comes as a single account or multiple accounts picked upon ordering. More accounts and longer pre-payment period gives discount.
    To get an idea of how our unique homemade Bouncer Admin system works, we have provided a few screenshots below to illustrate it:
    This screenshot shows the Add user menu, where you can assign a bouncer to any available user in our system

    This screenshot shows the Info menu, where your own bouncer information is listed along with a list of the users administrated on your account.

    Above is a part of the Vhosts page, where you can switch to another server or change your vhost. A seperate menu is available to users with a private vhost, where you can manage you can use your vhost and who can not.

    This is the Setup bouncer in the Bouncer menu. It helps you doing a basic automatic setup of your bouncer, so its fully ready for use. For initial users, a good approach would be visiting the Add user menu, head on to Bouncer Setup bouncer, when done, go to either Info or Help to get the needed information to connect to the bouncer.

    This product comes with webpanel access.


    Bouncer Shell Products
    Besides the Bouncer Shell #1 product above, the rest of our bouncer products fit into this category. This product is a shell account! It is required for you to have atleast basic knowledge about Linux or FreeBSD to set up your own bouncer.
    This product is not limited to psyBNC, but to any bouncer of your choice, as long as it does not degrade the overall performance of the server. If you would like to run the IRSSI client, a Bouncer Shell #5 is what you would go for.
    With this product group, you are allowed to run a process in screen (to resume your IRC proxy later etc).
    You will have access to all the available public vhost on the server your account is located at.
    These products come without quota restrictions, but we do reserve the right to limit an account in case of excessive use.
    This product comes with SSH access and FTP access.


    Eggdrop Shell Products
    Our Eggdrop Shell products are shell accounts where you by the help of our install-eggdrop Eggdrop installer script or manually can install one or more Eggdrop bots, depending on your product. All Eggdrop shells are the same, except the amount of bots you are permitted to run.
    An Eggdrop bot is a very old, but still developed IRC bot. This bot uses modules or TCL-scripts to extend the bot to do all kinds of various tasks. Just to clarify, this product can not use mIRC scripts (MSL/MRC)!
    As the product describes, you can use your own scripts in the bot, as long as they don't degrade the overall performance of the server. Special scripts that do use high amount of CPU-resources or memory-resources are not allowed unless given explicit permission by the staff. If you are in doubt, ask us first, and we'll work something out for you. These products come without quota restrictions, but we do reserve the right to limit an account in case of excessive use.
    This product comes with SSH access and FTP access.


    Emergymech Shell Products
    These products are much like the Eggdrop shells. Energymech is just another kind of bot. It's main purpose is channel management. One process can maintain several bots (leafs) linked with each other or other Emergymech processes. The product describes the amount of such bots permitted. A some what simple IRC bot, yet very fast and powerful.
    Stating the obvious, these bots make a great attack-network - running such will get your account instantly terminated and further actions might be taken. Please use only this product as it is intended. These products come without quota restrictions, but we do reserve the right to limit an account in case of excessive use.
    This product comes with SSH access and FTP access.


    Clan Shell Products
    Clan Shells are a mixture of the Eggdrop Shell #1 product and Bouncer Shell #1 product. Read the descriptions above to see what they include.
    These comes for instance with one Eggdrop bot and 4 or 10 bouncer accounts administrated through our Bouncer Admin system.
    This product comes with SSH access and FTP access.


    Hosted mIRC Products
    Hosted mIRC products are our newest brand of products, which is quite unique on the market.
    This product gives you the ability to run a mIRC client 24/7, maintaining channel functions like channel management, gather bot, competition bot etc.
    The product includes access to our mIRC Administration panel, where it is possible to switch between alot of the mIRC client versions made, remote administration of your mIRC client along with other various settings.
    This product comes in two flavours, one or more mIRC clients or one or more mIRC clients with a bouncer for each mIRC client. The mIRC client is enforced to an IP of our choice, which makes the Hosted mIRC+bouncer product interesting. With that product, you are able to give your mIRC client any of our public vhosts.
    This is a mIRC client hosted in a special Linux environment - it should work with most bot-like mIRC scripts (MSL/MRC) like an ordinary mIRC client running on a Windows computer.
    We have provided some screenshots below to show our unique homemade mIRC Administration panel works:
    This screenshot shows the main mIRC Administration menu, where your mIRC clients are listed. It gives you the opportunity to remote control your mIRC client from here as well as get detailed information about each client you administrate.

    This is the Manage page, where you can do various modifications regarding your mIRC setup. This is where you would do most changes regarding a mIRC client, besides the remote administration feature.

    Finally, a screenshot, showing the Java-version of the remote administration. It gives you the opportunity to do in-mIRC changes etc. The remote administration feature can be done either through Java in your browser, or using the real VNC client, TightVNC.

    This product comes with webpanel access, FTP access and remote (VNC) access.


    + 2018-01-05 00:00 +
    The end of the road...
    After almost 15 years in business, we have decided to close down The reason behind the decision is that providing mainly IRC services is no longer a business with a huge marke...
    + 2017-02-01 18:37 +
    Scheduled maintenance 2017-02-03
    We have scheduled maintenance this upcoming Friday at 23:00 CET.
    We expect the maintenance to last until around 1:00 CET, but no longer than 4:00 CET.

    Sorry for the inc...
    + 2015-08-08 04:45 +
    Scheduled maintenance update
    The scheduled maintenance took a bit longer than expected due to some hardware issues.
    Replacing the bad part took longer than expected, but the issue should have been resolved.
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